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What happens if you make a marketing mistake?

The hurricane in Lithuania is my excuse – what’s yours?

A while back I was talking to three really lovely people about their websites and I have to admire their restraint to hold back until the website is “just right”. I respect them as I used to get a bee in my bonnet about getting going and inevitably go for it without too much thought process beforehand. Experience has taught me to be more restrained but in equal measure it has also shown me that no matter how hard you try it is not possible to be prepared for every eventuality.

I know – you’re thinking “what’s this got to do with a Lithuanian hurricane?” Well here’s my little story….

My designer returned to Lithuania and we now work cross-continentally; it’s a work situation made possible due to the fantastic development of applications such as Dropbox and WeTransferIt.   We were well ahead of schedule and everything was running smoothly. Just a few tweaks and then we would be finished.

One of the tweaks was an image of a local gym that appeared a prior issue should have been accredited to the place it was taken. This had been overlooked and it was completely my fault; so I issued a big fat sorry to the gym owner and promised to add the following to the editor’s note in the current issue:

The image used on p64 of the May issue was taken at XYZ Gym.

As I took one final look over the magazines I saw that the important words “…of the May issue” were missing.

Despite there being over 1,600km between us I knew I could get this corrected very quickly and so I quickly emailed my designer with the instructions to amend. Unfortunately, I was unaware that a hurricane had knocked out the electricity so the instruction never reached the designer.

Consequently the magazine was printed saying:

The image used on p64 was taken at XYZ gym

And this was the image that appeared on p64:

dog at the bar









Obviously it wasn’t a gym, although it would be my kind of gym if it existed!

As you can see, no matter how hard you try to be prepared it doesn’t always pay off. You have to keep moving forwards and if things go wrong you have to find ways to make them work.


  • The world will not actually end if you make a mistake.
  • Both life and business are long games – you have time to recover if it doesn’t go as planned.
  • Much of my life hasn’t followed my finely honed plan but I lived to tell the tale – I’m sure its the same for you.
  • Be as intelligent as you can about making decisions
  • Don’t for a minute underestimate your resilience – you wouldn’t be where you are without it!

I can’t promise to be able to help with “life” matters but if you are looking to avoid mistakes in your business marketing give me a nudge. My contact details are here and there’s a natty little contact form if you want to use it!

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