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Why you should market your business – and how!

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If you’re not marketing your business, people can’t see you , hen they’ll pick your competitor. So take a quick look at our guide to see how you can raise your profile and the success of your business!

Without customers your business won’t survive. People are unlikely to walk into your business and buy something if they don’t who you are. So, to attract and retain customers your business needs to be marketing consistently.

A lot of businesses don’t place enough importance on marketing, seeing it as something that requires a lot of money and fancy marketing campaigns.

But you don’t need the budget of Coca Cola to market effectively. For example, with no money you can allocate a couple of hours of your time to promote your business through your social media channels. With a small amount of money you can place a print advert or a website banner.

Whatever you do, however, you need to be consistent. And here’s why: before any of your marketing is acted on your prospects need to go through four stages: Recognise, Read, React and Remember.

Recognise: When someone first spots your advert it flags you up in their sights. They see you, take a quick look and then most likely move on.

Read: The second time someone spots you they pay more attention – they read what you’ve got to offer and understand you a bit more.

React: Generally when someone spots your advert for the third time they get a sense of déjà vu. But even though the process of recognition has started, and they may like what you’ve got to offer, the timing may not be right. Other priorities such as a boiler to replace, or Great Uncle Ray’s 100th birthday present to buy, might mean their cash is put to use elsewhere. At this stage however, you are on their radar.

Remember: While your marketing communications are important to you, this isn’t always so with your prospects even if they specifically requested them. They may lose or misplace them, throw them away, accidently deleted them or spilt their coffee on it. There may also be the slim possibility that you haven’t encouraged them to take immediate action. So, to help them remember, the key weapon to your marketing success now is Repetition.

Bear in mind that your marketing communications are in competition with so much other marketing, that to convert your prospects into buyers, you need to keep in touch with them, repeatedly, before they will finally be motivated to act. Repetition builds familiarity which in turn helps build credibility and encourages people to do business with you.

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So what does Beach Media offer you?

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