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Celebrating 10 years in business

Ten years ago, the UK had a Labour government with Gordon Brown in Downing Street.  The Chancellor, Allistair Darling, had recently introduced a 50% top rate of tax, a banker bonus tax and extra National Insurance for us all.  The world was reeling from the exposed financial meltdown and banks & building societies started to disappear.  

Recession was the key word.  No one had said the word Brexit because it didn’t exist.  Boris Johnson was Mayor of London and many people believed the 2012 Olympics, in 3 years’ time, was going to be an embarrassing disaster.

Obama was president of the USA.  John Bercow was elected speaker of the House of Commons and would soon face a major crisis with The Telegraph newspaper exposing MP expenses shenanigans leading to many resignations.  Little did he know what the next ten years held in store.

At this time of financial chaos and uncertainty I set up Mostons with terrific support from my wife Ellen and our dear friend and colleague Maria.  The three of us are still here, ten years later, having been joined by Ellen’s sister Alison, who runs the office, and very much thinking about what the next ten years might hold.

It will hopefully be a future with financial certainty for business, in or out of the EU, and with a Government that supports people, businesses and businesspeople. 

To give you a flavour of our progress in the last 10 years Mostons have grown from the start up 3 to a team of 9, with the recent addition of Karley Wade at our new Norwich office.  Back in 2009 we advised and supported 26 businesses, we had only 45 tax returns to file (January was a joy) and a handful of payrolls.  During our 10 years we have enjoyed eating and drinking locally and delighted in meeting, many of our N21 business neighbours.

Fast forward to 2019 and we have added 300 businesses to our client list, we will be filing over 300 tax returns, (the majority in a hellish January!), and over 100 clients are looked after by our dedicated payroll manager.

We have trained and supported two fully qualified accountants, who have made Mostons their career homes and a third is hopefully on the way. We very recently welcomed Flora’s daughter Arabella, into the world, and she is our third ‘Mostons baby’ adding to James’s son Isaac and daughter Esme.  

We fondly hold in our hearts and will always remember our Cameron & Lesley. 

Looking ahead, we remain open to new business and, in the next 12 months, will be focusing on four key areas: Making Tax Digital (MTD) for Individuals, moving clients to cloud based record keeping, IR35 & Payroll Services. 

Last year I wrote about MTD and we edge ever closer to the introduction of digital record keeping for the self employed and individuals with letting income.  This will be a significant challenge for many people, and we are here to help.  The one constant we have experienced in the last decade is uncertainty.  We are facing great change and we, at Mostons, will adapt, thrive and continue to look after people, businesses and businesspeople.

Everyone at Mostons wish you a fantastic Christmas and a prosperous 2020.

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