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Muswell Hill VAAs April brings the end of the financial year I thought I’d talk about on-line accounting packages.  This really is a brilliant option for free lancers & small businesses, being able to store all your accounting data on-line in a secure place is only going to save you time & money in the long run.  There is no need to install any software onto your computer or any danger of files becoming corrupted.

Having your accounts stored in an on-line accounting system means you can access the information from anywhere & from different devices.  With many of them you have the option to invite other users to your information so you & your accountant or book-keeper have access to the the same uptodate information.

There are good professional looking invoice templates that you can add your logo to, allowing you to email your invoices directly to your clients, also giving clients the option to pay online.  All this informtion is stored and you also have the option to add your bank statements into the system, simplifying the reconcilation process.

online accounting packageOn-line accounting packages will also offer online support & training, some offer local training courses if you prefer to have help in person.  There are plenty of options out there but the two that I can recommend from personal experience are Clear Books (http://www.clearbooks.co.uk/) & Xero (http://www.xero.com/ ), both have very easy to use interfaces & offer similar functions.  Both are compatable with any system mac, windows or Linux & offer free trials so you can always try them out before you decide which to use.

online accounting packagePricing wise Xero offer a £12 per month  option for small operators, this only allows you to create 5 invoices & receive 5 invoices.  The next package up is £19 and allows  you unlimited invoice creation.  Clearbooks as a very cheap £5 option for small users or the next package up is £10.  It should be noted that the smaller package options do not offer VAT reporting.

So there’s a brief summary of the options, if you keep your accounts on one computer do consider transfering everything on to an online system & save yourself some time & piece of mind.

If you need any help setting up an online accounting system then I can be contacted on lindsay@reddesk.co.uk

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