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Size isn't everything….

Despite what some will tell you size isn’t everything!

I often get told by businesses that advertising doesn’t work for them. When I question people further I find that they have placed an all-singing all dancing advert “out there” but their high expectations of the phone ringing off the hook haven’t come to fruition.  So having broken the budget and not seen any results they feel advertising doesn’t work.

But to get the best from advertising you have to work at it and you have to be consistent. Small, regular adverts are the key. They allow you to spread the budget over a longer period giving you greater exposure.  Your name becomes familiar and when someone needs your service they will remember you.

I hope this is of help but if you would like to chat about how to get the best from your advertising in the Muswell Flyer and Highgate Handbook magazines, do get in touch. Call me on 07976 869 435.



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  1. So true – advertising outcomes build up slowly.

    Interesting blog, btw.

    Have a good day,

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