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Ally Pally tomorrow

One of the great privileges of being MP for Hornsey and Wood Green is to represent an area of such diversity.  The people – and the buildings – are constantly changing.  One landmark stands out, though, not just within our neighbourhood but as a landmark for the whole of London.  Alexandra Palace is a fantastic amenity for local people.  It brings business to the area and of course it brings its share of extra traffic, noise and nuisance too at times.

As I write, the road across the Park is closed which is causing a fair bit of inconvenience for visitors and residents alike.  One of the more frustrating questions that I have had to ask recently in my role as MP is why Transport for London allowed the electronic bus countdowns to continue showing the W3 at the Ally Pally stops even though the buses have been diverted!  Why can’t they get something like that right?

Anyway, Ally Pally itself is facing an exciting future.  I met with the new Chief Executive recently and he outlined the plans that they have for redevelopment.  They have organised a public consultation and I would urge everyone to take part and have their say.  The consultation runs to late June and you can see an exhibition of the plans inside the Palace.  You can also contribute to the consultation online by visiting the Alexandra Palace website.

One of the issues that the chief executive raised with me was transport links to Alexandra Palace. I have raised this with the Liberal Democrats on the London Assembly – they will urge TfL to explore options for improving transport links. If you have any ideas about this I would be delighted to hear from you.

Later in the summer, Alexandra Palace will play host to a big party to celebrate the arrival of the Olympics.  The party will mark the end of the Olympic Torch relay through Haringey.  It promises to be noisy, colourful and hopefully great fun for everyone!  Of course, when big events like this come to any of the parks in the area I am mindful of the impact on local residents.  Do check the details of the plans for the party and, as always, let me know if any problems arise.

The torch relay itself promises to be an exciting event.  It will wind its way right through Haringey and will pass along Hornsey High Street on its way – right underneath my office!  I think all of my team are volunteering to work late that day so they can get a grandstand view.  They work incredibly hard on behalf of local residents so I hope you won’t begrudge them that.

Back to Ally Pally, if you do not get the chance to contribute to the consultation but would still like to have a say about any issues affecting the park or the Palace do please get in touch.  I am always happy to take up concerns on your behalf.

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