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An Easter Welcome

Among the many new faces appearing at St James Church recently, is the church’s new vicar, Revd.  Chris Green.

His first impressions of living and working in this area are very positive: “Muswell Hill is an exciting and vibrant place,” he says, “peoWinter shelter appealple love living here and I can see why – it’s a great community and I’m enjoying being part of it.”

New faces at St James ChurchChris is an experienced church leader who has, in recent years, been working and teaching at a nearby theological college. Becoming the vicar at St James marks a return to parish work which he’s excited about but also considers a challenge:

“St James is a great place to be – it’s a big and lively church with lots of great things going on and this role is a tremendous privilege and opportunity for me. It will also be demanding, though, and brings with it all the responsibilities of leading a church this size with a large staff team, over 500 people coming every Sunday and many more during the week; quite apart from anything else, that means I have a lot of names to learn!”

Chris feels that the church has a significant role to play in the local community, some of which goes beyond Sunday services.

“It’s so important that as a church we are involved in our community. God tells us that we should love our neighbour – as Christians we believe that this is part of our faith. That doesn’t mean just loving our friends but anyone we come across who needs our help, support and encouragement. That love can be worked out in a variety of different ways and we are trying our best to do that at St James.  For example, we are pleased to be involved in the Haringey Winter Shelter project, and also with Besom, a project which seeks to ‘sweep away suffering’ in communities.”

Easter is just around the corner and it’s a busy time for any vicar. Asked to sum up the importance of Easter for himself and others at St James, Chris says:

“Easter is central for Christians. We believe that Jesus is not just a good moral teacher – he claimed to be God in person walking the earth. That’s why his death, and three days later, his resurrection is for us the most significant event in world history.”

St James is offering opportunities for people to engage with the Easter story in different ways. Please come and join us at any of the following services and events:

Palm Sunday on Sunday 13 April
Maundy Thursday Meal and Communion on Thursday 17 April, 7.30pm
Good Friday Children’s Service on Friday 18 April, 10.00am followed by
Good Friday Meditation at the Cross from 12 noon to 3.00pm
Easter Sunday Holy Communion at 8.00am in the chapel
Easter Family Communion at 9.30am and 11.15am
Easter Celebration at 6.00pm

For more information about our regular services and activities please go to our website:


 email [email protected]

call 020 8883 6277 or, if you are passing drop into the bookshop.

You can follow St James on Twitter @StJamesMHill

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