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You may have seen the new Association Notice Board by the gateway to Grovelands Park at the bottom of Church Hill, as shown in the photograph.  It is hoped that this will promote the
Winchmore Hill Residents’ Association
and their forthcoming events and activities.  Another board of the same pattern has been erected on the island at the bottom of Compton Road by the bus stop.

The Association recognises that the community and its social aspirations are now very different from the time when the Association was founded more than 60 years ago and we now need to reach a far wider number of residents.  These notice boards are part of this outreach programme.

However, our aims remain much the same:

  1. To preserve and improve the existing amenities in the area.
  2. To co-operate with other non-political bodies with similar objectives.
  3. To organise, either alone or jointly with other bodies united action in matters of local concern and to represent the view and opinions of local residents.

The background within which we try and follow these aims is very different. now and we believe this is due to residents working and socialising outside the area, the isolation caused by our journeys being made by car and thus not meeting our neighbours. We become less of a community and have less interest in local affairs.  The attitude and lack of ability of the Enfield Council to respond to the needs of the community, largely due to lack of funds, does not help.  It is a little ironic that the Association’s new notice boards have been funded by the Council’s Residents’ Priority Fund.  This is now unfortunately no longer in operation but was an attempt to put a bit of “icing on the cake” and encourage groups to improve their well-being.

In recognising changed attitudes we are aware we need more members from a wider range of residents, particularly from differing age groups.  We may have to enter the realms of “facebook” and “twitter” and we may have to broaden our activities.  Feedback from our stall at the Firs Farm Wetlands Festival a few weeks ago indicated that we only reach a minority of residents and this has to be addressed.

Please give this some thought and let us know if you would care to participate in our efforts to keep Winchmore Hill and its surroundings a good place to live.

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Brian runs The Winchmore Hill Residents' Association. It was started over 60 years ago with the principal purpose of ensuring that the quality of the environment, the Council’s services, policing and safety were maintained and improved