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Adopting an Animal from RSPCA Southridge

RSPCA Southridge

RSPCA SouthridgeAt RSPCA Southridge we have in our care approximately 60 dogs, 100 cats, horses, poultry and numerous small animals including rabbits, gerbils, hamsters and degus.

When you come to Southridge to adopt an animal you’ll be able to look around the kennel blocks, cattery or small animal centre. On the side of each animal’s pen there will be specific information on their background and needs.

You may find that not all the animals in our care will make a perfect first impression, as being in kennels or the cattery isn’t the same as being in a home, but they may be exactly what you are looking for once out of the pen, or settled in their new home.

RSPCA SouthridgeInitially it can be difficult to choose from the many animals we have. Below are a few suggestions that may be worth considering:
• Your household: Whether you have children or other animals may determine which animals are suitable.
• Your life-style: Kittens and puppies require someone at home for most of the time. Many adult cats are happy being left if you are out at work all day but adult dogs generally need someone to pop home at lunch time.
• Your experience: Some of our animals are suitable for first time owners whereas others need experienced owners or with breed specific knowledge. Often our dogs may benefit from further training.
• Medical conditions: Where an animal has a medical condition which you are not familiar with, we recommend taking a copy of our vet notes to seek advice from your own vet in terms of cost and treatment.

Once you have a short-list, you will need to visit reception to go through the notes of your chosen animal(s) and to complete an application form. Proof of identification showing your name and address is required and a member of staff can then introduce you to the animal you like.

RSPCAFor the animals’ wellbeing a procedure is followed for all adoptions. All household members need to meet the animal and once the animal is reserved a home visit will be arranged by a volunteer. When the home visit has been completed and the animal is ready to go, you’ll be able to complete the adoption and take your animal home. All animals are micro-chipped, neutered and vaccinated. A follow up home visit will then be arranged when the animal is settled.

If you are interested in adopting an animal, please visit us: RSPCA Southridge, Packhorse Lane, Ridge, Potters Bar, EN6 3LZ. Opening times: 11am-4.15pm Mon- Tues, Thurs- Sat & 1pm-4.15pm Sun.

You can also follow us on Facebook: RSPCA Southridge, or view a selection of our animals online at www.rspca.org.uk/petsearch

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I am one of the volunteers at RSPCA Southridge involved in all aspects of animal rescue and rehoming from dog walking to pet fostering, animal adoption and fundraising. I hope you will help me to find a home for the animals shown on this website