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Break the Cycle of Homelessness


Help those most in need towards a sustainable solution to break the cycle of homelessness.

Enfield and Haringey Homeless Respite:

All People All Places (APAP) is a charity that works in Haringey and Enfield and its mission is to help people break the cycle of homelessness. We provide a personalised service, building people to have increased self-confidence/worth /esteem as we walk them through the myriad of services they need. Many are destitute with no rights to income and/or work and hence housing.

I became involved with APAP eight years ago when I started volunteering in a Winter Night Shelter giving overnight respite to 12 people per night in Haringey. I was astonished about how resilient, kind and considerate our guests were to others given their circumstances. A few years later I was asked to help build the charity which required being able to match the needs of people with the complex social services systems the UK has. I have never met a person with so-called complex needs, but I have come across many services with very complex systems and processes to navigate.

Over the last four years, we have evolved to become the ‘Enfield and Haringey Homeless Respite’ that provides professional daytime respite and casework alongside the voluntary overnight respite that runs from December through to April. I am sure our service will continue to evolve, but for now, we believe we have the best person-centred offer and understand our limitations.

In 2017-18, we helped 48 people and 35 of those had a positive move-on. 19 of the 48 had no recourse to funding i.e. no income, some with no rights to work or housing. Here are some examples of the results of our work:

  • RA was a Syrian refugee. The Red Cross enabled his wife and 3 children to come here; one child was very ill and was taken straight to Gt. Ormond Street hospital for emergency surgery. APAP secured accommodation from the day the family arrived on 8th March 2017 and the surgery went well. The family, now with 4 children, still live in their flat.
  • R first accessed our services in 2014. In his 70s with OCD and anxiety, we gained accommodation for him. Continued support includes access to a care home. We expect this won’t be resolved easily or at all but will continue to help him as he has requested.
  • T was 7 months pregnant and destitute. Trafficked and a victim of modern slavery, the Salvation Army, placed her in a safe house in January 2018. She called to say she would never forget us and has since visited with her healthy 5-month-old son.
  • B was in his early 20s, with autism with a problematic & difficult family life. Use of soft drugs causing anti-social behaviour held him back. We worked intensely with him and after many months gained the Social Services assessment that paved the way to be placed with a family.

In 2018-19, we aim to help 70 people accepting that some require very intensive casework, perhaps over many years. You can help by either by volunteering in an overnight respite or donating to help us break the cycle. Here is how we use donations of money and time:

Funding and Donations allow us to deliver a casework and a day-centre provision. This provides respite from being homeless, with showers, clothes-washing alongside professional casework, advice and practical support to find accommodation, gain benefits and access healthcare.

What it costs:

  • Supporting one client with travel costs to avoid miles of walking in poor weather and poor health: £180 per year/£15 per month.
  • Casework – our agile but low-cost service per person is: £540 for one year/£45 for one month.

Volunteers allow us to provide overnight respite throughout two boroughs from December to March/April each year in partnership with 17 churches and a synagogue. Volunteers provide over 15,000 hours service.

Fundraise for us:

Set up a fundraising page on our everyclick site like the Cohens of Muswell Hill who took on the Thames Challenge and sponsored us. Or email Linda for bank account details if you prefer to donate directly.

To find out more please contact Linda Turton on linda.turton@allpeopleallplaces.org

Donate via Everyclick: https://www.everyclick.com/apap

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