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From kit to kid, a healthy breakfast for every child

Breakfast for schools

The Bread First Project is a non-profit initiative established by a group of five Postgraduate students from Cass Business School London. At the core of the initiative is its mission to provide well-balanced and nutritious breakfast kits to primary school children in London. As a start the campaign aims to provide one primary school in London with the stated breakfast kits. All the ingredients in the kits including that of fresh bread, milk, fruit juice and fruit will be provided for by local suppliers engaged in sustainable trade.

In order to raise enough funds to carry out the campaign, the team at The Bread First Project has launched an online fund-raising channel on Indiegogo.com entitled “The Bread First Project-Nourishing young minds”. The aim for the online campaign is to raise £2000 by 30 March to supply 400 children with the breakfast kits in a primary school in London. Alongside the fund-raising platform, The Bread First Project is currently actively engrossed in spreading awareness about its campaign and its mission out across to communities and parents in the city.

The idea for the campaign rose when the five students were presented with course work consisting of undertaking a fund-raising project either for a start-up business idea or a charity. “The idea of raising money for a charitable cause instantly appealed to all of us as a team”, states Alexia Danneels, a member of The Bread First Project. “We wanted to support a cause that addressed the issues of alarming rates of childhood obesity as well as a need for children to be raised with a healthy diet”. Following a few weeks of intensive research into causes related to children, their health and diets across the city, the team noticed that a concerning level of children in the city either began their day with sugary and heavily processed breakfasts or entirely skipped the crucial meal before a school day. “The most common reasons for this included the fact that most parents are quite busy in the mornings preparing for work and school while other families simple cannot afford to provide their children with healthy balanced breakfasts” notes Alexia. Additionally, the team was also particularly inspired by research which suggested that children who had breakfasts performed much better overall in school. “We felt that we had enough reasons to believe, that healthy and well- balanced breakfasts were of paramount importance to enable children to not only feel healthy but also enable them to unveil their potential”.

The Bread First Project was born as a result, to supply primary schools with well curated breakfast kits consisting of freshly sourced nutritious breakfast foods so parents were ensured that their children began their days right. The team also feels strongly about forming alliances with suppliers that are local, sell preservative-free ingredients and are engaged in sustainable food trade. “We are presently seeking the help of other more experienced and well-known foundations who have connections with sustainable food suppliers such as Sustain; an alliance of campaigns across the UK who support and promote sustainable food traders and farmers”.  The team is already thrilled with having nearly reached their 50% funding mark for the online campaign. “Our supporters are our champions and we welcome any form of support from communities and individuals alike”.

For more information please contact:

Dipika Rangasami
Campaign Communications Officer
Phone: 07453019931
Email: [email protected] page (Indiegogo.com)

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