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Walking for Leon – Charity dog walk on 10th November

Leon Brown

Leon Brown

A charity dog walk will be taking place on November 10th between 11.30am-2.30pm around The Grove at Alexandra Park.  There will be a famous ‘dog whisperer’ Dima Yeremenko coming along to give a demo and some local celebrities with their dogs. It will cost £5 to enter and includes a drink and cake.

It’s to raise funds for a new wheelchair for a fine young man called Leon Brown who suffers from brittle bones.

Leon is 31 years old, he suffers from ‘Osteogenisis inperfecto’ (Brittle Bone disease) He has type 3, for which there is no cure.

Leon describes his bones as ‘like glass’, if he bangs himself or picks up an object, sometimes his bones break, other times they don’t, he never knows!

Leon acquired his electric chair 8 years ago, supplied by the charity ‘Action For Kids’. He needs a new chair but unfortunately is past the age that AFK can supply a new one.  However, they have very generously agreed to match any funds Leon can raise himself.

Leon relies on his chair ‘to live’, ‘to work’ and to ‘be independent’. He has been working in I.T, but because of the unreliability of his chair he can’t at the moment work, he knows he can get there, but probably couldn’t get home again.  He cannot risk being stranded.

Leon, like any young man loves to go out, whether working, meeting friends, or just going to football.  The chairs’ unreliability means none of this is possible.  Instead of the normal range of over 20 miles and many hours, the chair is now losing the charge after 8 miles and just an hour. Meaning Leon is virtually confined to his house.

After 8 years of use and 10,000 miles, the chair is worn out, the seat is torn, the wheels are loose, and the charging system and batteries have gone.

The new chair will cost £9,000 including a portable ramp and insurance.  The Brittle Bones Society have pledged £2000 already, which leaves just £4500 for Leon to raise himself.

Not much money to give a fine young man his life back.

If you want to check out the appeal the link is:  www.justgiving.com/Suzanne-Simpkin


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