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Wood Green, The Animals Charity

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Wood Green’s aim is to help every pet and pet owner that comes to them, providing pets with loving homes that they deserve whilst empowering owners with the knowledge to take the very best care of their beloved pets. 

Wood Green offers free pet advice to anyone who needs it, whether you are considering having a pet in the future and need guidance on pet choice, or you already have a pet and need some general advice or intensive support. Last year, Wood Green found loving homes for more than 4,000 pets and their dedicated team gave one-to-one care and support to 2,343 pets and their owners. 

Sponsoring a pet pen is a meaningful way to be part of rescue pets’ journeys at Wood Green and help the financial effort in providing the best quality treatment and care possible – from food and veterinary care to love and training. Pets at Wood Green stay for an average of 30-35 days, meaning you will play a vital role in a number of pets’ lives. You will receive regular updates from your dog, cat or small animal pen, seeing first-hand how your support is making a difference. 

Find out more at woodgreen.org.uk.

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