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Community Barnet offers ground-breaking online mental health service

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Mental health isn’t what it used to be. While statistics show that mental health awareness is increasing, mental health issues are increasing with it. According to the NHS, one in four British adults experience a mental health problem each year, while in 2016/17 almost 13 million working days were lost to mental health related cases. These days accounted for 49% of all working days lost to ill health in 2016/17.

It’s clear that mental health is a prevalent issue in the UK, with major strain being placed on the NHS to accommodate increasing numbers. Unfortunately those who need help the most may find themselves facing long waiting lists before they can be treated. This is where CommUNITY Barnet can help.

CommUNITY Barnet is offering Barnet residents a free online mental health support service called the Online Wellbeing Programme. The Online Wellbeing Programme is a ground-breaking service aimed at helping residents deal with depression, anxiety, stress and other mental and emotional health issues. Delivered by Dr Mike Scanlan, a specialist in mental health, the live online sessions are held weekly.

The Online Wellbeing Programme is a free service for anyone over 18 living, working or studying in Barnet and is accessible from smartphone, laptop or tablet. You can access the sessions from the comfort of your own home and you are completely anonymous when accessing the live sessions. While the sessions are live and interactive, they are recorded for users to watch at any time suitable to them. There is also no pressure on participants to interact and ask questions; they can simply watch what Dr Scanlan is saying to other participants.

The Online Wellbeing Programme offers five different courses which run throughout the year, which include: Mood Boost, Stress and Anxiety, Choosing Sleep, Letting Go of Panic and Towards Healthy Living. You can enrol for as many courses as you like, there’s no limit to how many you can take part in.

While CommUNITY Barnet is offering the Online Wellbeing Programme, those who wish to see someone face-to-face or via telephone can get in touch with the Barnet Wellbeing Hub. Based at the Meritage Centre in Hendon, the Barnet Wellbeing Hub is a place for residents aged over 16 to access information, talking therapies, advocacy and signposting to other services. The Hub can help connect you to activities for you to get involved in including Tai Chi, yoga, arts and crafts, volunteering, gardening and other social clubs. Information and advice can be provided for a range of issues too, including housing support, employment support, debt and benefits advice and more.

Upon contacting the Barnet Wellbeing Hub, a wellbeing navigator will speak with you and work with you to understand your needs, support you and guide you to improve your wellbeing.

With mental health a serious issue in the UK, it’s critical for those who are facing it to seek the help they deserve. CommUNITY Barnet is committed to helping residents across the borough improve their mental wellbeing. If you want to get involved with the Online Wellbeing Programme, please go to bit.ly/wellbeingprogramme to register.

If you would like to contact the Barnet Wellbeing Hub, please call 03333 449 088 or email info@barnetwellbeing.org.uk

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