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Editor’s Note April_May 2018

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Over the last few weeks I have had the misfortune to be confronted by a number of rude, self-absorbed people. A food delivery motorcyclist dangerously cut me up told me to “**** off” when I sounded my horn and then when I took him to task about swearing said “go away *****” in front of one of my sons.

In another instance I tried to have a quiet word with someone who had someone parked on a disabled access pathway outside my doctor’s surgery and was told to “shut your mouth and move on”.

Editors NoteI don’t understand why people act in this way. Are they too embarrassed to hold their hands up and say sorry when they are called out on something?

I also despair when I read about disabled or other people who need it not being offered seats on buses/trains/tubes. When did people become so insular to stop seeing what’s happening around them and put themselves out for others?

It makes my heart sing to see kindness being shared. I know a couple of people who never have a bad word to say and whose thoughtfulness makes everyone feel uplifted. They say a little kindness goes a long way so let’s spread it around!

Becky Beach
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