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Enfield Youth Parliament By Theo Sergiou

Youth Parliment

Over the last six months more than 4,415 young people participated in the run-up events to the ‘UK Youth Parliament Election’ in Enfield on 16th February 2018.

Since forty representatives were elected to the ‘Enfield Youth Parliament’ back in November, objectives and strategies have been proposed within our meetings. Alongside this, a productive relationship amongst the Youth Parliament members had been created; all members felt confident to disagree and compromise on relatable issues. Extremely opinionated and active, the members were eager to participate at any level of politics and so they attended senior council meetings to discuss current dilemmas.

However, as the New Year turned, many members had their eyes set on the upcoming election for the UK Youth Parliament, to represent Enfield on a national level at the ‘British Youth Council’. As it is a very prestigious position, there was a lot of campaigning as candidates were writing speeches, preparing leaflets and networking before the election. Nine candidates featured in the election with each member providing convincing manifestos and surviving intense rounds of questions. As the results were announced live on social media, it was revealed that aspiring politicians Theo Sergiou and Esra Gungor, would take their seats on 1st March 2018, with Nick Papanicolaou and Lily Hassan as Deputy Representatives.

I am very fortunate and grateful to be a representative of our borough and stand with the youth on issues that affect all of us. My job, as somebody who experiences these issues, is to find imaginative solutions and drive change, as well as listening to the wider youth and solving their issues. Esra and I are both passionate individuals and specialise in a variety of fields; we complement each other very well.

Already, we have immersed ourselves in a wide range of activities; we have attended senior health, crime and scrutiny council meetings, introduced ourself to local schools and organisations, spoken passionately beside Members of Parliament at events such as International Women’s Day and travelled to Swindon to meet specialists and further our campaign ideas. In particular, we have focused our efforts on the rising issue of knife crime, like many young people are, we are very concerned. For a lot of our youth, the victims to knife crime are people they know and there is a rising fear of their safety in the capital. Personally, I have contacted local boxing gyms convincing them to voluntarily open their door to young adults and spoken with London hospitals about communicating with young trauma patients affected by knife violence; an issue that we know a lot about and that threatens us on a daily basis.

We are eager to get involved in community projects and any opportunities that are available; building a strong and communicative relationship with the community is so important for us. After all, we are standing with you and representing your beliefs. Currently, we hope to be attending three conferences this year, a House of Commons Sitting and several residential visits, in addition to following our own projects. Both of us have plans we desire to see through, and there is no doubt that the next year will see an unprecedented change for the Youth in Enfield.

You can contact me and follow my activity on Twitter @SergiouTheo

Or email: theosergiou@hotmail.co.uk

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