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During the recent broadcasts describing the various aspects of horticulture and garden design at the Chelsea Flower Show, it was interesting to hear of the Royal Horticultural Society’s campaign to encourage people to plant shrubs and trees and reduce the area of paving in their gardens and, in particular, their front gardens, principally for car parking purposes.

Clearly this would improve the quality of the air, reduce pollution and reduce the “run off” from rain fall into our common drainage systems currently under severe capacity problems.  This has led to the need for large engineering solutions or “green solutions” within the Borough, as at the Enfield Golf Club and Firs Farm, to reduce the speed of run off and thus overcome flooding further down the system.

It is interesting that the Association was advocating these view points in the N21 Directory more that two years ago where, in some roads, the front gardens had been totally paved for substantial lengths, leading to a visually barren appearance.

This, once again, illustrates the dominance of the car and multiple car ownership on our environment.

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