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Dinner Down Memory Lane

Down memory lane

Dinner Down Memory Lane is inviting you to raise money for Marie Curie by hosting a dinner party for family and friends, celebrating the food that brings back fond memories. There’s nothing like food to bring people together. Whether you want to recreate retro-chic recipes from your creaky-paged cookbook or share memories of Mum’s piping hot soufflé on a cold winter’s day, your Dinner Down Memory Lane is sure to be unforgettable.

It’s super easy!

Here’s our four-step guide to hosting a Dinner Down Memory Lane.

  1. Choose a date

We’re encouraging people to host their dinner parties between 13 and 22 November, though if that doesn’t work for you or your guests, feel free to choose a more suitable date.

  1. Send your invitations

Once you’ve chosen a date, let your friends and family know and start planning your memorable menu. Invitations are available online.

  1. Have a great time

This is the fun bit.

We’ve included a donation card with your pack along with an envelope. Please place the card in the envelope and leave it at each place setting. All the donation instructions guests need will be on the card.

We’ve also included place cards in your pack with prompts for guests to share their food-related memories and stories. These are a great way to take people back to a particular time or place and get the conversation flowing.

Then serve the dinner and enjoy the party.

  1. Send in the money you raise

Sign up now at: http://bit.ly/1YLCiWD

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