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London Marathon Fundraiser for Parkinson’s UK

Gail Watts in a yellow top running. Logos for Virgin London Marathon and Parkinson's UK

London Marathon Fundraiser for Parkinson’s UK being run by Gail Watts

What the hell am I doing?

I will be running the Virgin London Marathon on Sunday 22nd April 2018 to raise money for Parkinson’s UK.

Why the hell am I doing this?

My grandfather had Parkinson’s; it was the force that trapped him in his body whilst his mind was sharp as a blade. It was the evil spirit that stripped him of who he was. It was what ultimately killed him.

Why the hell should you sponsor me?

In my opinion, every £1 that is raised for Parkinson’s UK which could mean that prospects are brighter for those in the future is invaluable. However, I completely understand that everyone has massive financial pressures and fully appreciate that you may need more of an incentive than that to part with your cold hard earned cash.


I hate running. Genuinely, utterly and truly, I absolutely detest it. So, if I’m going to try and raise money for a charity that is so very close to my heart, then what better way than get sponsored to do something that will be the very definition of hell on earth? The furthest I’ve ever run (ever), is 8 miles (2 years ago) – and I abhorred every single step. Oh, and I’m also going tee-total and vegan till the marathon, because why not take the torture to a whole new level?

I’m also going to be blogging about the whole sorry state of affairs https://gailhatesrunning.blogspot.co.uk as I go. Let’s face it your donation is going to be worth it for the Schadenfreude alone.

Love Gail x

If you’d like to donate please visit:


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