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Solar Lighting for the Albert Road Recreation Ground


The Friends of Albert Road Recreation Ground (FARRG) want to raise £55,000 to install Solar lighting for the Albert Road Recreation Ground, along the park’s walkways. Last year, a schoolgirl came to FARRG with the idea for the project. Like many young people in the area, she walks through the park on her journey to and from home. However, during the winter months, she’s forced to make a lengthy detour due to the lack of lighting. This project will benefit the wider community. Since local resident Robby Sukhdeo opened The Pavilion Sports and Café in 2002, he’s engaged all ages with recreational facilities including tennis, basketball and creative classes. Lighting would increase accessibility and make people feel safer using the space. Our approach has the environment at its heart. The lights will be mounted on 6 metre columns, so they won’t disturb wildlife. Our choice of solar lighting is not only sustainable,  it’s also cost-effective – there won’t be any ongoing fees to fund.

What we’ll deliver:

  • Solar lighting along the park walkways
  • Accessibility for the local community seeking to use the Rec facilities on winter afternoons and evenings
  • Safety for local people who walk through the Rec as part of their daily lives
  • Protection for wildlife who won’t be affected due to the height of the lights
  • A sustainable project – powered by solar energy

Why it’s a great idea:

The Albert Road Rec is a popular community space which offers a wide range of activities for all ages, but the absence of lights means that many people fail to take advantage of the space during dark winter afternoons and at night. Our project will help bring the community together and make people feel safer in their local neighbourhood. Bordered by two schools, in the past year there have been a number of youth muggings in the vicinity and knife crime is on the rise. Many people are feeling vulnerable. As a community group, we want to maintain their safety and wellbeing with better lighting. Since Robby Sukhdeo took over the Pavilion, he’s transformed the space and it’s consistently been awarded Green Flag status. The improved lighting will mean that we can grow the offering further, making it more a focal point for local people to come together whether that be through sporting activities, yoga or quiz nights. It would be even better if we can do this in an environmentally friendly way.

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