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“Walking to Save Dogs”

Walking with dogs

From One End of GB… to the other

This Sumner, Robert Donkers and 4 of his adorable dogs will be walking the epic distance from Lands’ End to John O’Groats to raise awareness about, and raise funds, to end the suffering of dogs in China and South-East Asia.

Multiple festivals (such as Yulin) exist, which celebrate the torture and consumption of dogs. It is thought that inflicting pain such as blow torching, bludgeoning and skinning and boiling them alive, makes their flesh taste more tender, and helps those who eat it cope with hot weather. The sad fact is that, the Yulin dog eating festival only represents less than 0.01% of the Chinese dog meat trade as a whole.

In China alone, more than 10 million dogs are killed in this way to be eaten every year. This cruelty extends to the whole of South-East Asia, and even pet dogs are stolen, trafficked, tortured and killed.

Robert and his soon to be registered charity www.walkingtosavedogs.com raises funds to support carefully selected local shelters and projects which rescue dogs from these Festivals and the meat trade. They aim to not only rescue the dogs, but also put an end to the dog meat trade completely through education that dogs are sentient beings, changing legislation, and providing the farmers with alternative means to support their families.

Robert says “My Shih Tzus Madeleine, Ronan, Wilbur and my Chihuahua Hannah will be the voice of millions of less fortunate dogs. My team of canine furry fundraisers are well-prepared for the task ahead. They love the outdoors and we have been walking on average 12 miles a day since May”.

Robert devotes all of his time and energy to help end the suffering of dogs. Please support him on his travels in the following ways:

The walk starts on 9th July and will continue until 30th September

If you’d like to donate please visit:



Twitter @DonkersRobert

Facebook www.facebook.com/walkingtosavedogs

Instagram #walkingtosavedogs

Or you can show your support and donate in person with or without your dog.

Robert will be wearing a GPS tracker device so you can pinpoint exactly where he is by visiting any one of his social media sites.  This is also where he will be posting daily video updates.

Please monitor his progress and join him along the route!

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