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Green Dragon Site

Green Dragon Site Proposal

What will happen to the Green Dragon Site?

A Planning Application has now been submitted to the Council for the development of the pub site to provide a mini supermarket with associated car parking, seven 3-bed houses and two 2-bed flats.

There has been considerable publicity and a petition organised to oppose this development, principally to retain the public house as a part of Winchmore Hill heritage. Throughout the country there are many public houses closing, which we are told is due to the easy availability of cheap drink from supermarkets and the growth of restaurants as an alternative evening out.

Many of us remember the Green Dragon Pub, 20 to 30 years ago when it was a well run popular and busy pub; but more recent poor management led to a severe decline in business. It was also a “name” on the London Transport map.

The proposed development retains the public house structure and appearance, with its ground and first floor given over to supermarket use while the second floor is converted into two flats. A large rear extension to the existing building provides the necessary floor space for the mini supermarket. We are told this will become a mini Waitrose.

The existing adjacent car park will be developed with seven 3 storied houses on the road frontage in line with the existing 3 storied houses further up Vicars Moor Lane. Twenty-six car parking spaces will be provided, principally behind the new houses for supermarket customers.

It is our opinion that the proposed development is acceptable in its detail but questionable in its principle. Many have expressed their opinion that the building should remain as a pub but, at the end of the day, will a brewery be prepared to invest in it and install a progressive and energetic manager? On the other hand we know that Waitrose will make a business success of the proposal.

Certainly something positive has to be done as we cannot allow the current unsightly use to continue for much longer.

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