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Help fight plans for a huge waste processing plant in Muswell Hill

The Pinkham Way Alliance

Since 2011 the Pinkham Way alliance has been fighting plans to build a huge waste processing plant on an ecologically valuable area of land just to the north of Muswell Hill, where Colney Hatch Lane meets the North Circular Road (A406).

If the plans go ahead, it would be one of the largest waste processing plants in Europe, just 80 metres from the nearest house and with as many as 14 schools within a mile radius of the site. On top of this, there would be thousands of more vehicles entering and exiting this junction – it is possible that many of them will end up bringing toxic waste through the centre of Muswell Hill.

We know that the amount of waste produced in North London is reducing over time due to better reuse and recycling rates. The Pinkham Way alliance suggests that existing local plants could be used much more efficiently, and smaller local plants could be built to expand capacity if ever needed – it is not a “when”.

As a result, we would like to ask you to consider signing the petition, asking Haringey Council to follow the official recommendation they have been given to drop the plans. You will find the petition here:  https://tinyurl.com/ya7n9ld8




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