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Hornsey Carnival Queen and Princesses

Hornsey Carnival

HORNSEY CARNIVAL ASSOCIATION is seeking young ladies to enter the selection for the 2019/20 Hornsey Carnival Queen and Princesses.

The selection takes place on Saturday 16th March and if selected you would be representing the association and the borough at various carnivals and events throughout the year.

Contestants should be 15 years of age or over, and available Saturdays throughout the summer months. This is not a beauty competition, but we are seeking someone who has the personality and presentation to carry out the duties required. A vital and very important part of the roll is to be able to work voluntary raising charitable funds for the local charities within the borough. This includes program selling, and other charitable events, together with supporting the Mayor.

This wonderful year of Carnival could be YOURS! If you are interested in taking part please call or email Gordon Rathbone for an application form:

020 8340 7339 or 07876 026379

[email protected]

History of Hornsey Carnival

The carnival in its present format has been running since 1959. Over the years the Hornsey Carnival Queen and her court have attended many various functions, these included Navy Days both at Portsmouth & Chatham, Royal Film Premiers, taking part in the Lord Mayors Parade, and more recently London’s New Year’s Day Parade.

It mainly is involved with visiting carnivals, attending their dances, and helping charities within the borough. We have also attended Haringey’s Twin town of Koblenz, Germany to participate in their carnival activities, and they have reciprocated by attending both the Hornsey Carnival & the New Year’s Day Parade.

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