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Hornsey Historical Society was formed in 1971 with the aim of researching, preserving and promoting the history of the parish and old borough of Hornsey.  In 1983 this was extended to cover the parliamentary constituency of Hornsey and Wood Green, quite a large patch!  We are a busy Society publishing an annual Bulletin, a quarterly newsletter, books, maps, postcards and DVDs of our area, most of which are the only ones published on that subject.  We also run frequent excursions and hold monthly Lectures as well as bespoke talks and workshops for community groups.

The lectures take place at the Union Church Hall and always cover a range of diverse topics.  Recently, our Secretary Jennifer Bell gave our April Lecture on her book “Memories of Tenants of Margaret Hill House”, a collection of life stories from a range of people, from lifelong Hornsey residents to others who had come from elsewhere in the country or abroad.

Maybe one of our Lectures will inspire you to pursue some historical research.  Local author and long-time member John Hinshelwood is running Local History Surgeries on the first Saturday of the month at the Old Schoolhouse on Tottenham Lane, so if you need some guidance, get in touch and book in with him.

For details and contact information, please do get in touch via our website hornseyhistorical.org.uk. Hopefully see you soon!

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