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Introducing “North London Aquatics”, the NEW Sporting Charity for the North London Community

North London Aquatics

North London Aquatics was born after a successful campaign between July & December 2016 which saw the #SaveBarnetDiving team win the hearts and minds of people, not just in Barnet, but also across the Capital.  As a group we created excitement around diving and the deep water sporting facility in the community.

Our aim is to build a deep-water pool to use for diving, water polo, synchronised swimming, sub-aqua and much more for the whole of the North London region. The pool will be a regional deep water facility providing a much needed link between the Aquatic Centres of Stratford and Luton. I n addition to providing an inspiring opportunity it will also provide support for disability and rehabilitation.

For over 40 years the North London Community has enjoyed the use of Barnet Copthall’s moveable floor pool and our charity will secure this facility for the next generation. By retaining this facility we not only preserve the current participation but aim to increase and develop more activity through a varied timetable.

We have the weight of the community behind us. Local families from all walks of life have united to support our new charity. Previously the campaign launched an online petition and canvassed local people and in 5 months gained 9,000 signatures for the #SaveBarnetDiving campaign. This impressive show of people-power generated a high profile campaign that featured on national television and in the national and local press; consequently, the council pledged to provide land for a deep-water pool as well as £500,000 as a starting sum that will fund construction.

We are now working with five cross-party Barnet councillors, including the Deputy Mayor for Barnet, to make the community’s dream of a deep-water pool a reality. We are a strong committed team who with the support of Tom Daley & Joanna Lumley aim to inspire the next generation of talent to a regional level and beyond with your help.

This is an exciting, inspiring project for the whole community of Barnet and North London and would like you to be a part of our amazing journey. Our aim is to be open by 2019 and need your help to achieve this. If you are interested in volunteering in any way please email [email protected] for more information or tell us how you would like to get involved

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