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What Is Life Like As An Owner of a Care Business?

Ken Waterhouse HCP

We put six questions to Ken Waterhouse, Managing Director and founder of local care agency, Home Care Preferred.


If you were not in care what would you be doing?

I started my career in the hospitality sector but am really pleased I crossed over to the care profession back in 1988. I will probably retire from care at 80 and perhaps owning a music club like Ronnie Scotts, being more involved in a Social Enterprise and a bit of writing would then be fun. I will need to live until I am at least 100!


What do you love most about your job? 

Receiving compliments about my team and how they make a positive different to a client’s life. Second is working with an amazing bunch of people who truly care about those they support.


If you were being cared for what would you look for in your carer?

Someone kind but who would encourage me to be as independent as my situation allows.  A good sense of humour would be essential, ideally someone smiley and positive!


Is the care sector better now than when you started your career in 1988?

Definitely. Despite a lot of negative publicity there is far greater choice for older people and many more are living in their own home thanks to the growth of the Home Care Market.


What is the secret of establishing a successful care business?

Recruit good people; Train and support your team, earn their respect as you cannot demand it; Never stop training; Go the extra mile in respect of customer service, aim for excellence in this department; Develop good channels of communication; Put in place effective quality assurance systems; Be commercially astute but don’t stray from your values. Aim to be among the best business in your field. Keep your sense of humour, smile, be kind and fair with everyone!


Do you have a quote relating to business that inspires you?

There are lots but this by Albert Schweitzer is one of my favorites.

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful