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Localism Act: An update from the Winchmore Hill Residents’ Association

Localism Act

Localism Act: The Winchmore Hill Residents’ Association.

Localism Act: Winchmore Hill Residents’ Association

You will recall that the Association has commented previously about the good intention of the Localism Act but had serious concerns about the practicality and effectiveness of the aims.

Part of the Act deals with the List of Community Assets where local amenity organisations can request the registration of an Asset on the List. This allows time for the amenity organisation to raise funds for making a bid to purchase the Asset for the permanent advantage of the Community.

We have reported before that the Residents’ Association successfully enabled the small triangular piece of land off Hoppers Road, adjacent to the Salisbury Arms car park, to be included on this list and thus it was withdrawn from auction.

We now understand that this land has been sold at a figure far beyond the capability of the Association to raise and in addition the Association was given no notice of the intended sale. While it is clear that the sums of money in these instances are likely to be well beyond the reach of voluntary amenity organisations we do strongly object that no notice of the proceedings was given to us.

On another matter relating to the Localism Act we have in the past raised the problem of where to strike a boundary for the local area as some aspects of development might spread and be governed by an adjoining area. An illustration of this is a recent statement by the London Boroughs that they wish to join together for cross border large developments and to have the ability to raise finance.

Play Streets

Enfield has funding from London Play for a number of Play Streets. London Play say “We are open to any ideas residents may have. We can fund anything from a circus skills workshop, to a team of play workers for the day or we can buy a range of play equipment for children to use in the street, it is up to you. Have a chat with adults and children on your street about what they would like and get in touch”.

The maximum amount available for a project is £400. If anyone is interested in running one application forms should be sent to Councillor Chris Bond. If they would like to discuss details with the Ward Councillors they are welcome.

Enfield Residents Priority Fund

You may remember that the Association obtained a grant from the Fund to tidy up The Green outside the Roseville Flats.

We are now proposing to apply for a further grant for the purchase and erection of two free standing notice boards to enable the Association to display and advertise their activities. We are suggesting one should be placed on the island at the bottom of Compton Road and the other close to the Grovelands Park gates in Church Hill. As you know we only have one notice board at present, located on The Green.



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