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Cut car costs

The average cost of running a new car is up to a hefty £6,000 a year according to the AA.

So, it’s hardly surprising the cost of motoring is one of the single biggest issues affecting people’s finances today – even after the fuel duty has been postponed.

Here are some quick tips to drive down the cost of your motoring.

money saving tipsDon’t use a comparison site, use two

If you are looking to compare car insurance make sure you use more than one comparison site. Each comparison site looks at different firms so combine them to make sure you get the best coverage.  Look at Gocompare and MoneySupermarket and then add the big insurers they miss, including Aviva and Direct Line, and Admiral if you have more than one car.

Unfair parking ticket? Challenge it

Getting a ticket slapped on your window can be a nightmare. While we’re to blame at times, sometimes they do arrive unfairly. If your appeal is rejected then persevere  as 50% of those who challenge council parking tickets they believe are unfair all the way to the Independent Traffic Penalty Tribunal, win.

money saving tipsCut petrol costs by 30%

The big trick is to learn how to drive quickly but with a technique that mean you use less fuel. The key is accelerating less aggressively, moving into a high gear earlier, and using road positioning so you brake less and the car can slow down gradually. For some it cuts costs by 30% alone.

You can also make your car more efficient by checking you tyre pressure is correct and taking off unused roof racks. Find the cheapest forecourt petrol with www.petrolprices.com and use the top credit cards offering cashback (fully repaid so that there’s no interest) to get 3% back on all fuel spending.

Combine these techniques and many regular drivers could save £500+ a year.

Don’t assume 3rd party insurance is cheapest

Bizarrely, the lowest level of cover isn’t always the cheapest. Sometimes, comprehensive wins as choosing it means you are considered a lower risk and the discount for this sometime outweighs the discount for getting lesser cover. So if you are going for at 3rd party make sure you get a comparable comprehensive quote as well.

money saving tipsPrivate parking companies can’t fine you

It may be dressed up to look like a parking fine, but if you get a ticket at a supermarket, housing estate etc that’s not from the council or the police, it’s not a fine – it’s an invoice.

So, if you think it’s unfair, don’t “appeal” against it as you’re accepting its jurisdiction. Instead, as with any other invoice you think is unfair tell them explaining why, and don’t pay it. The only way they can force you to pay it is to take you to court, where judge decides, and often the firm issuing the “invoice” decide that it’s not worth it.

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