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Palmers Greenery – Broomfield Park

Every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, come rain or shine, you will find a hardy band of volunteers ready and eager to pour you steaming mugs of warming beverages accompanied by tasty bakes at our Community Café.

Four years ago, the Palmers Greenery found a permanent home, backed by Enfield Council, in a disused toilet block by the tennis courts in Broomfield Park. We have been there ever since, working hard to serve our local community with a smile, a kind word and delicious sustenance (personal favourite: award winning filter coffee with soya milk, sweetener and a wedge of succulent lemon drizzle cake on the side).

The Palmers Greenery Community Café is powered by local volunteers. Every penny that we generate, as well as helping to run the café itself, is reinvested back into park projects. Our philosophy is to use local and sustainable products wherever possible. We compost and recycle as much as we can, choosing to buy paper over plastic and environmentally friendly where it is available. When we began, our baked goods were almost exclusively from volunteer home bakers. Over time, as we have become more successful and our customer numbers have risen, we have had to look for help and now buy in extra cakes and goodies from the family run “Holtwhites Bakery” on Chase Side (the fresh crispy croissants available first thing on Saturday morning have become a cult classic and are gone before you know it). We also try hard to have a gluten free/dairy free option whenever we can. For our four legged friends there are freshly baked cheesy biscuits made by one of our volunteers! We also buy bags of bird food from the local Vets for our younger visitors to safely feed to the ducks and swans that frequent the nearby lakes.

Originally there were two determined women, prepared to go to endless meetings and provide reassurances that their vision for a local café would enhance the sense of a community experience for local residents. Our “leaders” Ema and Sarah are now supported by a Steering Committee who oversee the day to day running issues. We can call on upwards of 40 volunteers to fill our rotas. Duties involve opening/closing, cashing up, cleaning, serving, customer interaction, knowledge of basic hygiene requirements for handling and storing food, putting out tables and chairs for the customers when the weather is good enough and general common sense. Each shift is 3-4 hours long and it works best if you can commit twice a month, initially. If you think you can manage all of these things – what are you waiting for? Help us to open for more days and participate in something that brings a great deal of joy to a great many people. A drink and a slice anyone?

If you would like to volunteer at the Palmers Greenery, drop us a line at www.friendsofbroomfieldpark.org (in the ‘café’ section). You can also follow us on Facebook

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