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Peep-po! Chantry Hall Montessori Nursery

Chantry Hall MontessoriChantry Hall Montessori Nursery has just opened their doors in Alexandra Park Road this week and we have had lots of people looking quizzically through the glass as they pass on their daily routines.  We are a new nursery in a new building, many people have been watching as walls have gone up, vans have come and gone and now boxes of goods arrive, in Alexandra Park Road.

If you have seen our building you may have many questions about us!

What is a Montessori nursery?

Maria Montessori set up the first school ‘casa de bambini’ in 1907.  She was Italy’s first female doctor and a pioneer of what has now become the world’s largest educational movement.  She believed that a child’s greatest capacity for learning is from birth to six years of age and that they should learn through discovery, using their senses rather than being told, thus building confidence and a joy in learning.  She left a legacy, which underpins our daily life at Chantry Hall Montessori Nursery, combining a philosophy of freedom and self-development for children with a practical approach.

Montessori nursery Muswell HillWhat kind of child care do you offer at Chantry Hall Montessori Nursery?

We offer a nursery day, 9am until 4pm, supported by a breakfast club, from 8am and after school care until 6pm.  We open term time and provide 11 activity weeks, which means that we open for 46 weeks of the year.  Our children are able to start in the Undercroft baby room from 3 months, moving through the school until they join a Reception class elsewhere.  We are able to tailor a programme that fits your needs.

What kind of building is it?

We are set over three floors, under 2 year olds cosily housed in the Undercroft overlooking our garden.  The nursery floor accommodates the two to four year olds, providing a Montessori curriculum and opportunities for play and self-expression.   Our top floor is a spacious hall providing opportunities for wet weather play and groups in the afternoon, including yoga, dance and French.  We have a kitchen on site providing hot lunches, catered for by Deelishus.

childcareIf you have any more questions or want to come for a visit please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8881 9784 or [email protected]

Anna Hindhaugh- Feldman

Head Directress

Chantry Hall Montessori Nursery

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