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Post Olympics Gymnastics in Muswell Hill

LAGADFollowing this summer’s London Olympics and Paralympics there was a substantial increase in the demand for Gymnastics classes in the Muswell Hill area. This growth was in two particular areas: General Gymnastics for Boys and Rhythmic Gymnastics for Girls.

Boys who watched the Olympics were perhaps influenced by seeing superb gymnasts such as Louis Smith and Max Whitlock displaying their great skills, muscular strength and agility. The rise in demand for Rhythmic Gymnastics is possibly the result of watching the gracefully flexible and able Rhythmic teams from around the world.

Very few kids are going to become Olympic Gymnasts, so what can gymnastics provide everyone else? Gymnastics provides a fun and demanding activity in a safe environment that keeps kids active, engaged and learning new skills. It provides a solid foundation in fitness, flexibility, muscle strength and agility whilst providing clear rules and boundaries for the safe development of those skills.

Gymnastics also provides a child with a good sense of self-esteem, keeps kids active: improves their development of bone density; strengthens muscle development; promotes cognitive and social skills and can provide the “I can” attitude when kids master new skills. Above all else, it is great fun!

Jessica Shenton is the founder of the London Academy of Gymnastics and Dance (LAGAD) based in Muswell Hill.     www.lagad.co.uk


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