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Revive Wild Swimming in Broomfield Park

Broomfield Park Photo credit: Enfield Studies & Local Archive

The aim of the Broomfield Pond Swim Society is to work hand in hand with the residents of Palmers Green and Enfield Council to restore Broomfield Park’s ponds to swimmable quality.

“Let’s get people back in the water!” Long-time local residents of Palmers Green will remember that the boating lake adjacent Alderman’s Hill was used as a paddling pool and the bottom pond was used as a Bathing Pond from 1900-1933. We need to show Enfield Council and The Mayor of London that Palmers Green wants to swim in Broomfield Park again. 10 pledges of £2 are more powerful than a single pledge of £20; this campaign is all about community spirit!

Steps to get it done:

  • Conduct a Pre- Feasibility Study regarding water quality & diverting fresh to Bathing Pond and Boating Lake.
  • Planning a mini pop-up water park toy boat regatta and water lantern festival in Broomfield Park 2020.
  • Quarterly Stakeholder and Community Meeting to guide planning for the project.
  • Consulting with Historic England to revive the Bathing Pond and Baroque Water Gardens.
  • Work with Stakeholders and the wider community on a long term plan for finance, maintenance and management of the ponds.
  • Repair the pipes to and from the Boating Lake.
  • De-silt the Boating Lake and refill it.
  • Repair the pipe in the borehole to the Bathing Pond
  • De-silt the Bathing Pond

We are passionate about this project because we can see the potential to improve so many aspects of our community life. From life-guard training and pool float parties for teenagers to water safety classes for tots the revival of the ponds would mean new ways to engage our children and help them learn new life skills. For the elderly and differently-abled in our community access to the boating lake and bathing pond represents new opportunities to get out and socialise while staying fit. Finally, the popularity of Wild Swimming in the UK is an absolute phenomenon that will bring renewed interest and tourism to Palmers Green from across the capital and beyond which in turn will boost local businesses and property values.

So if you think it’s a great idea to revive the swim ponds make sure to pledge and if you can’t pledge please like, comment on or share this campaign. Every bit of support matters. Although ambitious, the idea of having the ponds in swimmable condition again is a real possibility worth exploring. Phase 1 involves a Pre-Feasibility Study, fixing broken pipes, desilting the ponds & we are planning FUN and FREE family events!

To make a pledge please visit:  www.spacehive.com/broomfield-pond-swim-society

Check out our social media pages:

Facebook: @broomfieldpondswimsociety

Instagram: @broomfieldpondswim

Twitter: @broomfieldponds

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