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The Highgate Festival 14th – 23rd June 2019

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This event will comprise 10 days of live music, garden jaunts, art, food, literature, sustainability, workshops, culture, quizzes, dancing, nature walks, debates, heritage, guerrilla gardening, history, open house/building tours.

This incredible celebration of Highgate, encompassing every bit of Highgate is being created and coordinated by Highgate businesses, shops, residents and local talent/creatives.

It is a joyful time to come together, connect with the community and toast this charming location, provenance, offerings and people.

The Highgate Festival provides a fun and fascinating trail to wander in and out of its landscape/spaces/places – pubs, parks, churches, shops, ponds, restaurants, homes, squares, cafes, gardens.

These 10 days of entertainment, frolic, enlightenment are open to ALL – those who live, work and dream in N6, Highgate neighbours, visitors and the general public.

You are invited to host/arrange an event, idea, installation whether immersive, conventional, unpredictable surprises, interactive, quirky… and size doesn’t matter. info@highgatefestival.org

Please help make the Highgate Festival a SUCCESS this year by contributing:


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