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The N21 Festival

N21 festival

The N21 Festival

Many of us remember with pleasure the N21 Festival held on The Green in 2012 and the following Nicholas Fair.

The core people involved in the organisation of these events have since given some thought about the possibility of any future events, when these might be and what form they might take.

Clearly funding and location will be important issues as the closure of roads around The Green is a necessary but expensive feature and we will not have the benefit, as previously, of any contribution from the Council through the Residents’ Priority Fund.

There is the possibility of alternative locations such as Council’s sports fields, where no road closures would be necessary, but somehow the atmosphere provided by The Green would be lost.  In addition, due to an old Act of Parliament, we cannot have anything in the way of a market, selling goods, on The Green.  This Act was passed to protect the status and value of the Enfield Market but its importance now, in our view, is irrelevant.

The other major aspect is help.  Previously we have had a core organising group and then  a series of sub-groups looking after more details aspects or whole sections of the Fair.  This help is vital and we cannot proceed without  being confident of this support.

A meeting was held on the 4th February, largely attended by people who were involved in the previous Fairs.  If you would like to help and be involved in one of Winchmore Hill’s major events please let us know by contacting Ann Humphreys at [email protected] or by telephone 07979 853520.

Brian Foyle

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