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Winchmore Hill Residents’ Association on Priority Funds

Winchmore Hill Residents' Association

Winchmore Hill Residents' Association on Priority Funds

Winchmore Hill Residents’ Association on Priority Funds


As had been reported before, the Association has submitted a proposal for the erection of two free standing notice boards to enable us to display news about the Residents’ Association for inclusion in the Residents’ Priority Fund.

The consideration of this by the Council, to our surprise, was a little negative and we had to supply evidence of what we considered to be the benefits, not only to ourselves, but the residents in general. This proved to be difficult to find conclusive evidence but despite some opposition and suggestions of alternative bids, it was finally approved.

These notice boards will be erected on the large “island” at the bottom of Compton Road by the bus stop and by the entrance to Grovelands Park at the bottom of Church Hill. As part of this package we are replacing the acrylic window in our current notice board on The Green..

Now we appear to have a further problem of whether we have to apply for planning approval or not and this is being discussed between Council Departments.

When we can finally proceed we do not know but we will keep you posted.

Attached is a photograph of the notice boards we are proposing but with a dark green colour to the aluminium framework.

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Brian runs The Winchmore Hill Residents' Association. It was started over 60 years ago with the principal purpose of ensuring that the quality of the environment, the Council’s services, policing and safety were maintained and improved