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Aleion Restaurant

Ian Chalom is the chef and owner of Aleion restaurant in Muswell Hill, serving great tasting food that tickles everyone’s taste buds. He opens up about himself, Aleion and the future.

Why cooking?

Growing up my Mum was always baking in the kitchen & I used to love joining her, giving me a real passion for food from an early age which followed me through school and into catering college and the first fine dining restaurants I worked in until finally opening up my first restaurant…Aleion.

How has the first year and a bit been?

It’s been tough, humbling and incredible all rolled into one. I was used to the long hours & stress from the numerous kitchens I had worked in but this was another level. To open your own place and not be sure if you’ll even get your first customer through the door is extremely nerve-racking and that stress follows you home whereas in other jobs it would have stayed at work.

Obviously, you got your first customer then?

Haha…yes. Actually, within 30mins or so of opening we did and in fact she still is a regular of ours now!

What’s the future for Aleion?

We’ve got some cool plans for the near future including introducing bi-weekly menus to the restaurant and some exciting plans for our basement…so watch this space!

Interview by Nadia Newman

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