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HMBI am Lesley Curtis, a partner and head of the property and housing department at Hopkin Murray Beskine solicitors www.hmbsolicitors.co.uk

 You may already be familiar with some of the articles written by my colleague, Sarah Beskine, of our family team. As well as family disputes, we can help in property and housing matters where sometimes you might not realise a lawyer could assist.

I have had many years of experience dealing with problems arising from occupation of residential property. Many of our clients come to us for help with a wide range of problems relating to their property, from being unwittingly caught up in problems arising from an extension to party wall problems to those affected by the “bedroom tax” regarding which our landmark case had national publicity (in ‘News’ www.hmbsolicitors.co.uk)

Whatever your issue our dedicated property litigation and housing team will be able to assist.

What is a property dispute and how might we assist you?

You may find that you are having problems with your neighbours in relation to renovation works. For example your neighbour may have started works without notifying you and without the service of a Party Wall notice. Problems can also develop if your neighbour decides to carry out works that could cause damage to your property or affect your home in some way that you are really unhappy with.

Often, with the right legal advice at the start, problems can be ironed out by you dealing directly with the issue with your neighbour yourself, and agreeing works. But should you find yourselves duelling with fence posts at dawn then Hopkin Murray Beskine can negotiate and deal with the issue on your behalf.

Building work on your own or neighbouring property

As families grow, instead of moving to get extra space (especially considering the  costs and upheaval of moving) people often decide to build extensions, develop loft space or significantly enlarge their properties by excavating a basement. Often extensions are built without a hitch, but unfortunately this is not always the case. I have advised clients who have had particularly difficult problems with extensions, such as builders who have excavated a basement without carrying out the proper shoring works causing the property to collapse.

We understand that damage to your home is very stressful in addition to which it will inevitably be expensive to put right. That’s why we give our clients expert legal advice before works commence and help you negotiate so that work can proceed smoothly. If legal problems do develop thereafter we will continue to support you as much as you need us to. For example, you may require the assistance of structural engineers and party wall surveyors in some situations, if perhaps your neighbour is not being reasonable, and insists on carrying on work to the detriment of your home.

Hopkin Murray Beskine offices are based at Finsbury Park and are easy to reach from North London. We can usually offer appointments early and late, to fit around travel to or from work, and we often have SKYPE and telephone meetings to best suit our clients   

Hopkins Murray BeskineIf you would like to discuss any particular property issues, please call HMB Solicitors on 020 7272 1234 or email us at reception@hmbsolicitors.co.uk



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