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Cut energy bills with ease

cut energy bills

cut energy billsIf you despair about meeting the rising costs of heating your home, you can help to reduce your bills by taking some simple steps:

  1. Use draught excluders to stop icy blasts coming in from the gaps under the door and also from losing the heat via the gap in the door. You can find plenty of attractive excluders around or you can make your own.
  2. Turning down your central heating thermostat by just one degree cuts fuel consumption by up to 10% and you’ll barely notice the difference.
  3. Turn the radiators off in unused rooms and keep doors shut to stop warm air escaping.
  4. Heat can be lost through floorboards and windows so thick floor rugs and heavy, lined curtains will help retain warmth.
  5. If you have radiators in hallways and corridors, turn them down lower than others in the house; you only pass through these areas so don’t need to heat them constantly at a high level.
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