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Attract wildlife to your garden

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Bring your garden to life by choosing the right plants. Sit back and watch the butterflies, birds and various insects.

Here are a few plants to try.


A native hedge is a good place to start when  creating a wildlife-friendly garden. Many species of birds use the hedges as nesting sites and feast upon the fruits in autumn. They thrive in most soil conditions and regular pruning will increase density. They can be combined with blackthorn, hazel and holly as a boundary hedge.


Climbing honeysuckles have beautiful flowers and their evening fragrance attracts moths which in turn feeds birds and bats. They can be combined with climbing roses for a wonderful visual effector grown through a tree.


The nectar-rich flowerheads of stonecrop are a real plus for bees and butterflies in late summer. Their low flowering habit makes perfect for the front of borders. Creeping species are commonly used on green roofs. Sedums do best in neutral to slightly alkaline soil in a sunny position. Combine with late flowering plants such as grasses or Michealmas daisies.


Buddleias are butterfly magnets. Choose the species carefully as some will self-seed freely. Other species will self seed less and still produce the nectar pollinators love. They thrive in most soils and prefer full sun but will grow in partial shade. Deadheading will promote more flowering. Hard pruned in late winter, buddleias make a good backdrop at the back of a mixed border.

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