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Does your Lawn Deserve a Makeover?

Lawn makeover

Does your Lawn Deserve a Makeover?

A lush, green and healthy lawn can really help beautify your garden, however, sometimes despite best efforts, a lawn can really let it down. GreenThumb Lawn Treatment Service has the perfect solution: The Lawn Makeover.

So, what does the process of the Lawn Makeover involve? Firstly, a ‘Total Lawn Kill’ is carried out, providing a clean start by removing all plant life in the lawn area. Using GreenThumb’s unique de-thatching ‘Makeover Reel’, debris from the killed-off lawn is removed. Aeration comes next to improve the air-space and soil structure, promoting a good foundation for grass seed germination.

The Lawn Makeover is grown using ‘Diamond Green’ – our bespoke grass seed. It is an exclusively developed, custom blend of Fescue and Perennial Ryegrasses, which adapt specifically to any environment. We then apply our 100% weed-free, organic and recycled top-dressing to the new seeds, which is nutrient-rich and encourages germination. Next comes our unique seasonal NutraGreen fertiliser, this controlled-release fertiliser feeds the new lawn during its germination period.

At the end of the Makeover Day, we apply our popular Oasis water-conserver treatment before watering in your new lawn. Oasis is designed to complement your watering programme by effectively retaining moisture in the root zone. We will also make 3 follow-up visits as part of a care package over the next 10 weeks.

A beautiful, vibrantly green and weed-free lawn is possible with The Lawn Makeover, the best way to achieve the ultimate lawn – the GreenThumb lawn.


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