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Don't wait ‘til summer to build your garden room

office in my garden

The long hot summer of 2013 took an age to arrive but now seems a long time gone. But trust me when I say that the sun will return and the temperatures will rise and before long you will want to get into the garden once again.

office in my gardenWhilst summer may seem a distant thought there is no better time to start planning for summer than these cold and damp days of winter. That’s particularly true if you are thinking of having a garden room or summerhouse built because these things take time, and as the saying goes – it’s all in the planning! We all like to cheer ourselves up in winter by skimming the brochures and browsing the internet in order to plan our summer holidays and the same is true of the garden. I obviously believe that a correctly built garden room is something you can, and should, use all year round but you would be amazed how many people wait until the sun comes out before calling me to ask about building a summerhouse or garden studio.

home office in the gardenThere is a long tradition of the garden shed being the domain of men – Dad’s workshop, the potting shed or, let’s be honest, somewhere to get away from the missus. But all that has started to change and I’m constantly amazed by the different uses a Garden Room can be put to. For example, I’ve recently been asked to price up a writing space for a female author, a classroom for a language tutor, a gym for a personal trainer and a play-den for 7 year old twins. The possibilities are endless!

As I said earlier, it’s all in the planning, and I often find clients are put off by the thought of planning permission and having to deal with the local authority. One of the most common questions I get asked is “Will I need to get planning permission?” Whilst every situation is different, and I can’t give a definitive answer here, it often transpires that permission isn’t necessary as a garden room will fall under permitted development. Usually a quick call to the Duty Planning Officer at the local authority will confirm this. But even if permission is needed then it is not something to worry about and I can deal with it for you.

alternative office solutionsI’ve worked in the local area for many years now so I understand that space is at a premium and I also understand that very often the only access is through the house. But, most importantly, I understand that clients appreciate the personal service and aftercare that you get when you employ local craftsmen.

So as you gaze through the drizzle at the garden try to imagine the sun shining and the birds singing as you wander down to your new garden room with a glass of wine on a balmy summer evening or maybe the kids playing in their new playroom whilst the adults reclaim the house. Then give me a call and let me help you turn your thoughts into reality!

For more information about Garden Rooms, please contact Paul Winters on 07778 297711 or email paul@officeinmygarden.com. You can also find more information at www.officeinmygarden.com

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