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Famous local artists’ garden open for charity

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There is something magical about our garden. It attracts visitors from Southgate to Surrey and from around the world, inducing, we are told, a feeling of tranquillity even in the midst of personal traumas.

At the same time, the money raised helps cancer patients, supports carers, funds Hospices and research into Parkinson’s and MS and many other things. While we slave away planting, weeding, mowing and preparing for our events that aspect is far from our minds. We are NOT Lord and Lady Bountiful, albeit my husband is called EARL.

We love to share our joy in creativity, along with over 3000 garden owners across the country who open for The National Gardens Scheme.

We also open for KSDP supporting humanitarian aid in Burma. The project was started by Stephanie Lee during her gap year visit to Thailand, by Stephanie Lee. Her vision has resulted in clinics, orphanages, schools and scholarships. After her tragic death aged 21, her parents built on her work; SHE would be as proud of THEM as THEY were of HER.

Moe Bue (an early student now an SRN running medical services for her communities) on first encountering our Koi Carp asked me when we eat them? We DON’T!!! But as an attractive addition to the Oriental area of our garden, they have a positive impact in the jungles of Burma, as do the beautiful clothes and artefacts from the region you can buy from the stall at the event.

We hope you will come along and share our garden with us.

Join us at 5 St Regis Close, Alexandra Park Rd N10 2DE for our open day on:

Sunday August 18th (for KDSP)


Admission £4                            Children FREE

Wheelchair access                     Dogs on Leads

Delicious homemade teas plus our usual “Mega Plant Sale”.


Open Pottery Studio.

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