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How Does Your Yarden Grow? By Becky Beach


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We’ve not been fortunate to have a back garden with nice grassy features and an ornamental pond. Instead we have a yarden which although isn’t big enough to throw the kids out into when they need a run around that hasn’t diminished its scope.

To make it look bigger we whitewashed the walls – something that only needs doing every couple of years – and gives it a Mediterranean feel. The railings next to the steps and back door are used to trail plants along. Usually its beans, but this year we went for cucumbers; the delicate yellow flowers have enticed plenty of bees and insects into the yarden and the taste of freshly plucked cucs is amazing. Another bee attractor is the oregano, which appears to require little soil as it attaches itself and grows out of the cracks on our steps. If I could just stop the buses and cars thundering past I would definitely feel like I was wandering around a Greek village.

As we don’t have any ground to dig into we’ve grown everything in pots which is great as it has allowed us to mix and match and try different things out. We’re currently growing fennel ultimately for the bulb but the fronds are great for salads and as a general herb. The Greek basil I bought from Sainsbo’s has taken on a new lease of life since I planted it outside. In fact it’s almost forced the mint out of residence however I will overlook this as it gives off deeply satisfying aroma just outside the kitchen door.

The blueberries offer an abundance of fruit although, when it comes to gathering them in, competition with a young blackbird is stiff! Monty loves picking and then eating the soft fruit and I often find him outside grabbing a handful of blueberries and strawberries to eat. However, not everything bears fruit as I’d expected; although we had a flurry of excitement the last 2 years with a few blossoms we are still waiting for cherries from a tree that he planted way back in nursery 6 years ago.

I’m on the scout for potted winter greens and some colour for the autumn and winter; so if you have any suggestions do let me know.

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