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We all have them in London, and most tend not to be very attractive. However, this does not have to be the case.

Fences: Though there seems to be a shortage of fencing panels following the storms at the beginning of the year, there is now generally a good selection of attractive options. Whether closed or open weave, vertical or horizontal, modern and sleek or informal woven hazel or bamboo, natural or painted, there is a great deal of choice; and you can even buy iron railing fence panels for a classic, open, smart look. What you plant in front of or up your fence is then crucial to the final look.

Climbers: need frequent attention if they are to look good. There are evergreen and deciduous climbers for every aspect. Judicious pruning ensures the plant does not get too leggy and you do not end up with bare leggy stems revealing much of the fence and all growth and flowers on top. Tying in regularly to a trellis or wire support will help stop the climber becoming a ‘mess’ and by encouraging main stems to grow horizontally, you will be coaxing it to produce more flowering off-shoots and have a better shape.

Hedges: You may choose the green option! There are deciduous and evergreen options. Yew and Box provide a formal, neat, if expensive, hedge, which can be precisely clipped to size and shape and which provides a great foil for other plants and surrounding buildings. Beech, hornbeam, pyracantha (flowers, berries and thorns!), privet, griselinia, choisya (white flowers) are all popular options for a looser and more informal look.

Or with the increasing trend for encouraging and promoting wildlife, you might consider a native hedge, with mixed shrubs such as wild rose such as Rosa canina, hawthorn and blackthorn, Corylus avellana (hazel) and Acer campestre (the field maple).

Happy Gardening!

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