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Spring is in the air! Is your garden ready?

Planting Gems Spring

The snowdrops are out, together with the winter aconites, and other Spring bulbs are bursting through the soil. Now is a very good time, on one of those sunny though still cold, spring days, to assess your garden and decide how you want it to look and perform this year. The sooner you start, the more chance you have of a fine display over the rest of the year.

So whilst pruning your roses, or cutting down your grasses, or clearing green waste from the borders and mulching, reflect upon whether you are really making full use of all the available space to best effect.

For example,

  • Have your trees and shrubs outgrown their space so that they cease to be an attractive feature but rather have become a bit of a brute, obscuring other plants and hogging all the light?
  • In the winter months, does your garden have good structure and look interesting, with winter flowering/berrying plants, evergreen foliage and attractive stems/bark?
  • Have you chosen the right plants for the aspect of your garden? We have a lot of shade in London, provided by boundaries, buildings as well as trees, and too often plants that are sun-lovers, are planted in a shady spot where they become leggy and weak as they desperately seek the light.
  • Does your garden have a unified scheme? Repeating plants in different borders, planting in groups rather than individual specimens, and choosing plants that blend well together, and that like the same conditions, will help the garden look considered, well planned and attractive.
  • Have you made the most of all available space? Walls and fences can act as host to plants as well as the borders. Well-sited pots and troughs, that go together and that are as large as the space allows, can provide wonderful planting opportunities, and an obelisk or arch can provide height and an attractive focal point whilst also representing another planting feature.

So do wrap up warm and take advantage of these longer days, and blue skies, and go and assess your garden. Spring is a great time to prune, plant and generally over-haul your garden.

Happy Gardening!

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