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Spring is around the corner


London is full of bright green shoots and buds, birdsong and blossom. Gardens are slowly filling up with colour, and alongside early flowering tulips, there are plenty of perennials that can brighten up your borders at this time of the year. Most of the early Spring ones are shade tolerant and adapted to blooming before surrounding trees come into leaf and take the sunlight.

Here is our personal selection of early Spring perennials that are particularly reliable and suited to our London gardens:

Aquilegia – the traditional “Granny’s bonnet” has seen a revival with modern and elegant varieties such as “Ruby Port”

Brunnera – reminiscent of “forget-me-not” but with bold foliage, perfect for ground cover in the shade

Euphorbia – bright acid green bracts that pair well with blues and oranges. Our favourite is the compact variety Euphorbia x martini

Hellebore – elegant and long lasting, and one of the earliest blooms in the Spring garden

Pulmonaria – excellent groundcover for a shady but moist spot, our favourite is “Blue Ensign” for its large blue flowers

Bergenia – fashionable again, choose a variety such as “Abendglut” for its vivid magenta flowers

Tiarella – delicate and frothy, best planted in large quantities for best effect

Epimedium – versatile and tolerant of most conditions, with a variety of colours that complement the lovely heart shaped foliage

Happy Spring Gardening!


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