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Summer Gardening with Planting Gems


Last time we talked about the importance of landscaping your garden: Your Garden Style

This month is the perfect time to review your pots and containers for summer

Pots play an important role in many London gardens, where all outdoor space is at a premium. Steps, patios, awkward spaces and shady corners can all be dressed with plants suitable to those conditions.

Here are a few reliable tips for successful container planting:

  • Always choose the biggest pots suitable for the space to assist the plants to thrive and make sure that they have enough drainage. Drill holes at the bottom and add grit to the compost mixture;
  • Don’t’ stick to bedding plants, mix them up with perennials that will, with a bit of annual compost rejuvenation, come back smiling broadly for several years, after which the best of them can be split and planted out in the ground. Heucheras and grasses are perfect candidates.
  • Arrange your pots in groups of two or three; they will look more attractive than a row or unplanned clutter;
  • Avoid mixing containers made of different materials; plants in plastic pots do not cope well with extremes in temperatures/conditions;
  • Select one or more of the plants for each pot to provide height and structure, and select a variation of foliage to lift the planting – small grasses and ferns look wonderful placed around flowering plants and provide contrast in leaf and form;

And most importantly… don’t forget to water regularly. Pots dry out very quickly.

Happy Gardening!

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