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The GreenThumb NutraGreen Treatment

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Spring: the season of awakening and new life, the blooming of fresh buds and re-emerging beautiful colour.

The GreenThumb NutraGreen spring treatment equips the lawn with everything it needs for a great start to the season: making the grass plant grow stronger and more robust. GreenThumb’s NutraGreen fertilisers are completely unique to GreenThumb and are unavailable to other lawn treatment companies, DIY stores and garden centres etc.

The blossoming of new plants and increased growth of turfgrasses often also means weeds infesting lawns. Not only are unwanted weeds unsightly, but grass will also have to compete with weeds for sunlight, water, air and nutrients. As well as the NutraGreen fertiliser, the GreenThumb spring treatment includes weed-control. Because all lawns are unique, GreenThumb customises each treatment to the needs of each lawn. The result, a beautiful, green and healthy lawn, free from the nuisance of weeds.

The amount of lawnmowing required now winter is over will naturally increase; it’s important that mower blades are kept sharp or replaced when needed, to avoid causing damage to the grass plant. If possible, it’s best for a lawn to be cut at least once a week, to about 25mm (1″). A little maintenance in the form of consistent mowing will help train the grass to be stronger over time.

GreenThumb treatments are tailored with the greatest care for the UK’s lawns:  they have the solution to transform any piece of grass, whatever the size or condition – into a healthy, fresh and beautiful lawn.

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