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Ann Springall

Bathrooms are often neglected spaces in the home as (like kitchens) the choice of fittings can seem daunting and it’s easy to take a basic approach. But, when you stay in a fancy hotel, view a show-home or visit friends who have taken the plunge (!) you can see that your bathroom can easily be your favourite room in the house. It doesn’t have to be a bland space; it can reflect fashion in interior trends and make a statement. Here are some trends being predicted for the smallest room in the house during 2016.

Wood: Timber will continue to flourish in the bathroom and the release of new purpose-designed timber products enables you to bring its natural warmth into a previously timber-tabooed space

Cool and calm: Cool tones such as hues of blues and emerald greens will create a tranquil environment. Pair these with crisp white and touches of wood for a fresh, uplifting feel, or team them with metallic accents and rustic materials for a design that’s edgier and more sophisticated.

Creative tile patterns: Patterned and geometric tiles may have been hugely popular over the past few years, but 2016 heralds the return of simple tiles, laid in unusual patterns in order to create enduring appeal. Not sure which pattern to pick? A classic herringbone design will lend a dose of visual drama and chic appeal.

Natural vibe: Alongside wood, earthy materials like natural stone work well on floor and walls, vanity tops, sinks and baths and feature walls.

Metallics: Metal has been a major interior trend for the last few years, and offers glamour that contrasts beautifully with natural materials, reflecting light and injecting style into a bathroom.

White: White is the new black when it comes to bathroom fittings, adding a fresh, contemporary vibe. Use white fixtures to complete a clean, pared-down look, or set them against a bold-colour backsplash or tiled wall to create a striking space that oozes flair.

Ambience: The bathroom is no longer considered purely functional, but also a place to escape to. You can achieve this feeling by introducing furniture-like cabinets, mood lighting and feature faucets.

Industrial chic: Use cool, gritty concrete (or silky smooth if you opt for a polished finish) not just on bathroom floors but as a wall surface too. But note that concrete can make a space look cold and harsh. Introducing contrasting textures such as wood, natural fibres and plush bath mats and towels will help soften the look and add cosiness.

Lush and leafy: Bring the outside in with a plant; it’s an integral, changeable element that can move with the seasons.

The love of handmade: If mass-produced, cookie-cutter tiles don’t float your boat then mix them up with custom bathroom tiles crafted by hand. Artisanal tiles, considered beautiful for their imperfections, will infuse a bathing space with rich texture as well as visual appeal.

A touch of colour: Are you fond of loud, lively hues? Then choose a sweet, playful or dramatic rendition of it — on your walls or introducing it in the form of towels or accessories. Not a fan of pink? Try a palette of purple and black instead; it’s the perfect colour combo for those who love a little drama and opulence.

Anne Springall
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